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Structural Racism As UK Drugs Policy

This work was funded by the Open Society Foundations, under its Global Drug Policy Program (GDPP), which aims to shift the paradigm of drug policy from a punitive approach, to one that is rooted in public health and human rights. GDPP strives to broaden, diversify and consolidate the network of like-minded organisations that are actively challenging the current state of international drug policy.

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So what do we do?

We offer capacity building, leadership, personal development and mediation expertise to government, corporations and community organisations committed to ensuring their staff and the communities they serve remain healthy and able to manage emotional and economic change.

Services are systems of value creation. Commissioners, providers and communities have to work together to create the best service experience they can to add value. Some describe this as the process of co-creation, which is the inclusive approach we take at Coreplan.

We have a great deal of experience in capacity building people (professionals and communities), and co-designing services in the most challenging of circumstances. We also spend a lot of time learning and - working inside communities and alongside service organisations. We have built a great deal of trust with vulnerable communities, our clients and partners over the last 30 years, as well as insight as to what works and what doesn’t work when organisations evolve to meet shifting community and individual needs.

All of Coreplan’s key initiatives begin as creative and collaborative processes involving as many service beneficiaries as the project brief and the challenge will allow, normally including service users and other service suppliers as invaluable sources of knowledge and experience.

Our work across many sectors (commercial services, housing, education, health, social policy, criminal justice etc.) has given us a depth and breadth of understanding about services and how service organisations work. Getting to know new types of business in differing sectors is one thing that keeps us motivated and constantly refining our approaches. We are ethical about quality, as experienced by the end user, and we are focussed on sustainability as it relates to social value, and social justice. This informs the nature of the work with which we get involved; contributing to evidence building or evidence based best practice for end users to increase resilience is our absolute strength. For further information contact us on: info@coreplan.org.uk

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